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Let’s read an article together!

This is to continue on the topic about learning from articles (the algorithm, a discussion task).

This is the article in question: From Tamagotchi to Nintendogs: Why People Love Digital Pets

The article exemplifies the points I made in my post about learning from articles, I think, very well. For one, the topic of pets may resonate with almost everyone. But it’s about digital pets, which takes us to the domain of technology. And I should warn that the language is not easy, it’s interspersed with advanced expressions. Now comes the questions: do you want to read this article or to move on?

So, just like I mentioned before – look through the text before delving into it. How is it for you? Not too long and difficult? What company names do you see? Are they familiar? And how does the whole concept of digital pets sound to you? Would you like to try getting one?

Now, if it all seems interesting enough, you can first follow the link and read the text there. Take your time. Do read the article once for general understanding (especially to identify the structure of it). Highlight the language you find useful. Check the unknown words. Think how to summarise the ideas in a couple of sentences. Choose some quote to share or the ones with the main ideas. Prepare a couple of questions for the discussion.

Or, if you want to have a peek at the expressions I find useful (and I found around 80 of them 🙈), check the attached doc: this is the article with my tasks, questions, vocabulary highlights, and a follow-up video.

And enjoy the reading!

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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