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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog =)

My name is Dasha and I’m an English Teacher. I’ve been in this job for many years. Partly because I like English and seeing how others acquire it. Partly because it has allowed me to try out other things in life like dancing, rollerblading, learning languages, blogging or studying IT stuff.

I live in Moscow with my wonderful husband and my adorable cat.

The aims of the blog

  1. To share what I know about language learning as it happens “from the inside”, from the learner’s perspective. Here I write about learning strategies and techniques (all those “How to….”), share resources and interesting tasks. You will find all this in the For Learners section.
  2. To share what I know about language teaching For Teachers. For now here I have a couple of posts from my friend and fellow teacher and some short notes on topics that interest me (and I think they might be interesting for other teachers as well). These topics revolve around linguistics, natural language processing and cognitive psychology.
  3. To improve my writing, because a) it’s fun (and I sometimes prefer it to speaking), b) writing helps me structure my thoughts, and c) writing helps me better retain new information.
  4. To reflect on different sorts of experiences, mostly learning and something intellectual. You can find out more about this in Dasha’s Corner. I’m a quick thinker, so writing helps me to slow down and put different ideas and sensations into words and some sort of order / structure. Then I often go back to my texts and try to find some patterns that work or don’t work well. Some call it meta cognition, but for me it’s simply a way to understand myself better and be more efficient in what I do, whatever that will be.

“If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at all.”

Dan Rather

About the style

Whatever you’ll read here, it will be subjective, reflective and based on my experience more that any external resources (unless they are specifically mentioned). However, in the first two sections, For Learners and For Teachers, I try to be less like this and use a more informative style.

Although I like to think that I’m a proficient user of English, I remain a non-native speaker. I try to proofread/ check what I write with dictionaries and corpora, but I may make mistakes or use some uncommon expressions. Don’t judge them too hard if they don’t sound natural. In my native tongue, I enjoy word play and being creative with language. I’d like to bring this into my English writing eventually and this blog is my experimental ground. Constructive feedback is welcome.

Several articles have been written by my friend and fellow English teacher Tania – you’ll see them with tags “Guest Article”. Maybe, with time, there will be more posts like this.

About the name

Finally, about the name of the blog, “bewritable”. No, it’s not a real word. I invented it when I needed to buy a domain name. But it’s based on an old English “bewrite” (to write) and I added the suffix -able as in “be able to write”. That was like a motto for myself. When I started the blog, my writing skills were not much developed and I really wanted to improve. Well, I still do, so the name remains.

Contact me

Would you like to engage in a dialogue? Ask me something or share your opinion on what I write? Send me an email to dasha(at) or find me on social media:

You can also join my Telegram channel or my group on VK (the content is almost the same).